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Turn to Armstrong International for custom design and manufacturing of extended heat transfer coils and equipment for air and gas heating and cooling applications.

Armstrong International is a manufacturer of heavy-duty steam, water and glycol coils and equipment for industrial and institutional facilities, worldwide. We have the manufacturing capabilities and flexibility necessary to design and build coils and equipment for all types of air and gas applications, including process air heating and cooling, make-up air units, boiler air preheaters, heat recovery systems, unit heaters, door heaters, air cooled heat exchangers, insect heat treatment, tank heaters and more.  Our experienced engineers can provide expert design and equipment selection, customized to your application requirements.

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Armstrong offers coils, outer casings, and duct transitions along with auxiliaries including steam and liquid flow meters, control valves, air vents, steam traps, condensate collection and return equipment as components or prepiped packages. We can assist with support and design development of the complete heat transfer solution. Whatever your steam or liquid coil system needs, our experts are here to help solve your problems and meet your performance requirements.

Armstrong Will Build The Coil You Need for Your Specific Application

We manufacture heavy-duty industrial coils in a wide range of sizes and materials to meet virtually any application demand—dimensionally duplicated to fit your exact requirements. Armstrong fabricates coils in a full range of metals and alloys, including carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum and we will help you select the correct combination of materials to provide the best balance of performance and operational life. For extremely harsh environments, we offer special coatings to increase external corrosion resistance. For dirty environments, our sturdy fins lend extra strength to withstand high-pressure cleaning without damage or distortion, and we offer a wide selection of fin pitches and tube arrangements to help combat dirt buildup.

From light-duty applications to the toughest and harshest of industrial jobs, Armstrong’s full line of coils delivers outstanding quality, durability, and performance you can rely on.

Armstrong’s line of heavy-duty coils are designed and manufactured to provide long life and efficient heat transfer that pays dividends over an extended period of time. Our coils are built to maintain heat transfer efficiency and resist corrosion, both internally and externally, even in severe operating environments. The monometallic design of our coils means that all wetted parts are made of the same material, precluding the likelihood of galvanic corrosion. This also means strong welded joints, the common failure point with inferior dissimilar metal construction. The unwavering, best-in-class reliability, safety and efficiency of Armstrong products is ensured by the stringent quality control and rigorous support of our global quality assurance, supply chain, and manufacturing, engineering, and maintenance teams.

  • Our products are backed by Armstrong’s exceptional technical support.
  • The ASME “U” stamp and PED 97 / CE are available on our unit heaters, door heaters, insect heat treatment and tank heaters.
  • All Armstrong products sold in Canada have a Canadian Registration Number where the application requires it.

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Duralite™ Plate Fin Steam and Liquid Coils for HVAC and Light Industry

Armstrong Duralite™ Plate Fin Steam Coils are offered in centifeed (steam-distributing tube-type), standard (opposite-end connections), and two-row return-bend construction. Duralite™ coils are available with tubes of copper, copper-nickel (CuNi), 304 and 316 stainless steels and fins of aluminum or copper. Centifeed, standard and return-bend coils are manufactured with 5/8″ OD tubes as standard; 1″ OD tube options are available for standard and centifeed construction.

Duralite™ Plate Fin Steam Coils

Armstrong Duralite™ Plate Fin Liquid Heating Coils are available in return header design in one or two-row configurations and return bend design in two or more rows. Liquid coils are made of 5/8” OD copper tube. Cooling coils can be built from 2 to 12 rows and with double, full, ½ or ¼ circuits. Custom circuits are also available. For superior performance and longest life from your plate fin coils, contact our experienced application engineers for expert design and selection, customized to your application.

Duralite™ Plate Fin Liquid Coils for HVAC and Light Industry

Unit and Door Heaters

Armstrong unit and door heaters are built with heavy-duty motors, bearings, tubes, enclosures, fins and other components to ensure lasting performance. Options for fin material, pitch, height, type, and more allow us to provide more efficient, durable, cost-effective heat transfer solutions.

Armstrong unit heaters deliver high efficiency and output, even in harsh operating environments. Cores are built with quality monometallic construction, corrosion resistance, and materials. Cores are available for steam or liquid, allowing units to be used in different plant areas with different heating mediums.

Basic units allow mounting in either horizontal or two-way vertical discharge configurations. The optional four-way vertical louver section produces a square discharge pattern. An optional high-velocity discharge nozzle allows the unit to be used as a door heater to temper cold air entering open loading-dock doors. High velocity nozzles may also be used in applications requiring greater mounting heights.

For areas where heavy duty construction is not required, Armstrong Duralite™ Plate Fin Cores are available for superior quality and performance in those applications.

Unit Heaters

Door Heaters

Hot Bin Insect Heat Treatment

Hot Breath Insect Heat Treatment

The Benefits Are Measurable

  • Heavy-duty enclosures
  • Corrosion-resistant heating cores
  • Standard NEMA frame TEFC ball bearing motors; enclosed to lock out dirt
  • Thick fins and tubes, constructed of high strength, corrosion-resistant materials
  • Cost-effective solutions, customized to your needs


  • Heavy duty construction for long lasting service
  • Easy to install
  • Maximum freeze protection
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Consistent leaving-air temperature
  • Full range of materials and coatings for the application
  • Welded tube to header joint (not brazed)
  • 1” O.D. tube diameter to operate at low pressure 0 – 10 psig

Large Space Heating

Armstrong’s Rotabreath high-mounted, heavy-duty heaters are designed with air velocities strong enough to effectively overcome ceiling heights and large door openings that contribute to poor or inconsistent building heating. Designed for steam, hot water, or glycol with Plate Fin Duralite™ cores. Sizes range from 500 MBH (146 kW) to 1500 MBH (440 kW), single or dual fans with rotating of fixed discharge high velocity nozzle. Custom designs are available for typical applications such as large-area open-space warehouses or aircraft hangars, for bay ceiling mounting, ideal for low temperature glycol systems and single source heat recovery and destratification.


  • Less piping, wiring and controls
  • Ideal in a low temperature heat recovery loop (single point)
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Reduced installation/shutdown time
  • Simple installation, fewer units to install
  • One-unit averages 300 feet diameter of coverage
  • Reduced temperature stratification

Large Space Heating—Rotabreath

Door Heaters

Hot Bin Insect Heat Treatment

Hot Breath Insect Heat Treatment

Duramix™ Face and By-pass Heating Coils

Armstrong Duramix™ Integral Face and By-pass (IFB) heating coils control air temperature while operating at full steam pressure. Once set, the desired leaving-air temperature is maintained by Duramix™ regardless of variations in the temperature of the entering air. The Armstrong Duramix™ heating coil is simple, effective, and easy to install and maintain.

Learn More About Duramix™

Duramix™ Face and By-pass Heating Coils Product Information

Industrial Heavy-Duty Design For Commercial Applications

Armstrong offers a complete line of integral face and bypass coils, ranging from heavy duty helically wound keyfin to light duty plate fin. Our IFBs include industrial-grade construction features.

Mono-Metallic Pressure Parts

All pressure parts are manufactured of the same metal. No dissimilar metals mean no tube-to-header joint failures, no leaks, and much longer life.

Strength Welded Joints

Strength welded tube to header joints is more stress-resistant, eliminating stress fracture at the tube header joint, and resulting in no leaks and longer life.

Heavy Duty Linkages and Dampers

Thicker, straighter and tighter—Armstrong uses top and bottom fully adjustable linkage rods that keep dampers parallel and straight. Our overlapping metal edge seals our damper tight without the need for rubber seals. We use nickel plated ball joints with Teflon seats and ball bearing on our crank arms. High-quality parts provide long-lasting, leak-free dampers.

Application Specific

Different coil construction is required to manage unique design conditions. Low pressure applications require special attention to connection and tube size to prevent high internal steam velocity. High velocity equals premature coil failure—leaks. Armstrong Duramix™ is engineered with the connection size and number of connections required for acceptable velocities and equal steam distribution. We recommend 1” O.D. tubes for lower steam velocity, not the 1/2 or 5/8” O.D. others commonly use. The larger tube diameter allows utilization of our centifeed (distributing tube) design, eliminating tube to header joint stress. Combined with larger ½’’ O.D. min. distribution tubes, centifeed and tandem construction reduces the presence of cold spots in the coil, provides better temperature control, and superior freeze protection over other designs.

Constant Pressure or Modulated Control

Armstrong’s IFB was designed for operation with constant pressure steam and modulation of the dampers for air temperature control. Other light duty IFB designs are not recommended for use with modulated steam control, and some even void the warranty. With Duramix™, the choice is yours. Although we recommend constant pressure, Armstrong Duramix. can be designed to operate with modulated control.

Direct Replacement, Minimal Modifications

Every Duramix™ is custom-built, so we can accommodate most existing installations as a direct replacement—same sizes, connection locations, etc. We also offer our Retromix™ with two (or more) smaller units that can be sized to fit in an elevator, through a penthouse door or existing AHU. Retromix™ is assembled on-site working as one unit, side by side, stacked or both for multiple units. Retromix™ reduces installation costs by 20% or more, no crane, no wall demo.

Knowledge of Steam and Condensate Management

Armstrong has been manufacturing industry-leading steam system solutions for more than a century. Our experts can provide pressure reducing valves, control valve, traps, air vent, vacuum breakers, pre-piped packages and more, all correctly sized for your application.

Tank Heaters

Armstrong tank heaters are built to withstand the rigorous demands encountered in industrial installations. The heavy-duty features of our units were developed in response to a need for tank heaters that could provide efficient heat transfer without sacrificing structural integrity.

Finned pipe tank heaters are easier to install, remove and repair than bare pipe units. They are also more compact and provide superior product heating efficiency. Finned pipe tank heaters offer up to 10 times as much heat transfer as an equivalent length of bare pipe, resulting in lower film or “skin” temperatures. This reduces coking of the product on the heat transfer surface and discoloration of heat-sensitive products. This buildup of deposits on the heater requires more frequent cleanings to maintain maximum efficiency and original heat transfer design conditions.

Features include heavy-walled pipes and headers, thick L-footed fins, and all-welded construction. The monometallic construction of our units precludes galvanic corrosion, and the finned surface is rigid enough to withstand high-pressure cleaning without damage or distortion.

Tank Heater Product Information

Base Mounted Type (BH and BD Type) Tank Heaters

Flanged Mounted Type (FH and FB Type) Tank Heaters

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHE)

Armstrong Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHE) are custom-designed and fabricated to meet your unique requirements. They are commonly used in applications ranging from condensers for steam and distillate vapors to coolers for water, glycol, lube oil, fuels, and other liquids. Where a reliable source of water is unavailable or too costly, we offer a design for closed-loop water cooling with no water loss or plume associated with typical cooling towers. Armstrong’s ACHE can be fabricated with either heavy-duty Series 6000 industrial pressure parts to meet ASME Section VIII, div. 1 and API 661 standards for refinery, chemical and power plant environments or with a light-duty Duralite™ core design for institutional applications. Options available for multiple fans, diameters 10 to 48 inches, direct or belt drive, VFD drive ready motors, centifeed steam coils to protect against freezing and hail guards to protect coil fins. Contact our experienced engineers to learn more about a custom-designed Armstrong ACHE for your application.

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers


Intelligent System Approach – Heat Transfer Packaged Solutions

Armstrong offers total heat transfer system expertise and manufacturing capabilities to help you identify and solve coil problems, as well as problems with your steam, hot water and air systems. Our intelligent system solutions approach is a blueprint for blending superior products, experience, and knowledge into ready-to-implement solutions for effective energy management, performance improvements and environmental goals.

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Outer Casings and Transitions

Along with our heavy-duty coils, Armstrong offers outer casings and transitions, custom-built to accommodate new or existing installations. Outer casings are typically ¼” carbon steel plate with ¼” carbon steel structural and coil supports featuring drawer type airtight construction for ease of coil removal for cleaning or replacement. All stainless steel outer casing construction is also available, and we can design in sections to fit through overhead doors and down narrow aisles—flanged and drilled to match existing duct to bolt together on site. Options include

cleanout or inspection access sections, access doors, capped cleaning ports for clean-in-place high-pressure washdown of the coil face. Flanged or capped low point drain piping extended to front of casing to drain washdown water from casing. Inlet/outlet transitions available on request to match new or existing ductwork.


Armstrong manufactures coils in a range of custom sizes and in a variety of metals and alloys, including steel, stainless steel, copper, copper-alloy, and other metals. A blend of custom engineering and quality construction results in an extended lifecycle for your combustion air or process heating system coil package. Designed in conjunction with the outer casing, Armstrong removable draw-type coils minimize air pressure drop while maximizing leaving air temperature coil cleanability. Coils are typically all welded construction in accordance with ASME Section VIII, div 1,  Optional “U” Stamped as required.

Prepiped Package Solutions

A typical steam process heating solution might include: prepiped steam supply piping to each individual steam coil. All welded to ASME code standards, ANSI Class flanged coil connections, all fittings slip on or butt weld per facility spec, all bolting, and gaskets per facility spec. Prepiped condensate skid: Armstrong Trap Valve Station Inverted Bucket Steam Trap set for each individual steam coil. Armstrong TTF Stainless Steel Steam Air Vents for steam coils, Armstrong 11-AV Vent for liquid coils. All fittings socket weld per facility spec. All bolting and gaskets per facility spec. Piping support brackets for field mounting of trap skid, condensate headers prepiped with final connections to site specific termination points.

Additional options include on-off or modulated control valves, metering for air, steam and condensate flow rates and temperature, steam trap monitoring for continuous operation/failure and condensate pump packages. Packages for liquid–hot water or glycol also available.

Process Air Heating Units

Whether it’s food,  pharmaceuticals, chemicals or general industrial applications, Armstrong manufactures the heavy-duty process air heating units you need for maximum performance and durability. Starting with the process requirements for your specific application, we design your unit from the inside out to meet your requirements and deliver maximum performance, efficiency and equipment life with minimum maintenance and energy use.

  • Units are available from 2500 to 50,000 CFM custom built with 316 or 304 stainless steel interior liner, all welded sealed watertight for washdown, sloped floor pans with drains in each section piped to the exterior.
  • Stainless steel or epoxy painted carbon steel exterior, with up to 3’’ insulated walls, floor and ceiling.
  • Access doors for fan, coils and filter sections constructed with the same materials and insulation as unit walls, 304 SS hardware, welded sealed watertight.
  • Removable access panels for the fan and coils with lifting lugs, gasketed, bolted airtight.
  • Seal plates at all coil connections, gasketed, bolted, water and airtight, allowing coil removal with flanges intact for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Choice of steam, hot water, glycol and chilled water coils available custom designed for the application.
  • Plenum style fans with options for 304 stainless steel wheels, inverter duty vfd tefc epoxy painted motors.
  • Heating 300+°F leaving air with optional filtration in three stages: MERV9 prefilter, MERV15 intermediate and high-temperature HEPA final filter, all standard frame sizes.
  • Fan Guard on inlet and fan section.
  • Optional outlet duct transition, 304 SS, gasketed, bolted airtight to discharge collar.
  • Epoxy painted carbon steel structural channel base supports with multiple lifting lugs per unit and multiple capped ports for instrumentation and motor electrical wiring.
  • Other important options include humidification section to condition the process air, or control static electricity.
  • On/off or modulated control valves, flow meters for air, steam and condensate flow rates, steam trap monitoring for continuous operation/failure, and condensate pump packages.

Make-up Air Units (MAU)

If you need additional capacity to meet increased requirements for outdoor air ventilation, Armstrong provides customized Make-up Air Units (MAU) for fresh air make-up to condition 100% outside air. Armstrong MAU can be designed as standalone or add-on fresh air make-up with filtered heated and cooled air. Units can include a rain hood, bird screen, prefilters, steam or hot water preheat coils, chilled water-cooling coils, and second stage filters after the coils. Add-on units are custom-designed to fit the inlet of an existing AHU and provide increased heating or cooling capacity and required filtration to bring the AHU up to today’s new standards.

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