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Armstrong is committed to providing ongoing advancements and new product developments to meet the unique and evolving demands of your industry, company and global location.

Often the first to market, Armstrong has been granted more than 70 patents on exceptional equipment, technology and software and we consistently bring you the most advanced capabilities available anywhere.

Our groundbreaking thermal utility solutions are engineered to solve your problems and prevent them.

  • Improved thermal utility performance, efficiency and safety
  • Reduced fossil fuel use and CO2 emissions
  • Unparalleled value and reliability
  • Compliance with applicable regulations and Standards of Care

Check Out Some of the Groundbreaking Solutions Found Exclusively at Armstrong

  • Armstrong International invented the Inverted Bucket Steam Trap in 1911 and it remains the top-performing steam trap available.
  • Armstrong introduced digital water temperature control to the world with The Brain® Digital Recirculating Valve, then we made it smarter, easier and even more connected with The Brain® DRV25.
  • Armstrong brought you SAGE® Thermal Utility System Management, the most advanced steam and hot water system monitoring and documentation software available.
  • The Brain® and SAGE® are the first barriers to Legionella and essential to following the Standards of Care necessary for prevention of Legionnaires’ disease.
  • Armstrong’s advanced steam system efficiency methodology (used by SAGE®), which relates to steam traps, is approved by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and ours is the first efficiency methodology to be approved for international trading of resultant carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions under the Kyoto Protocol.
  • Armstrong’s Steam QM®-1 and Steam QM®-3 automatic steam quality monitoring technology provides a quicker, safer, more accurate way to reliably measure and communicate the dryness fraction of steam.
  • Armstrong’s patented VERIS Accelabar® technology is the only flow meter that delivers exceptional accuracy without any straight-pipe requirements for installation.
  • Armstrong introduces SAGE® UMT Automatic Steam Trap Tester, for faster, simpler, more accurate surveys by any steam trap technician.
  • Armstrong’s TVS 6000UD is the first double-isolation-and-bleed trap valve station—engineered to eliminate risk and improve safety while allowing simpler steam trap testing and easy trap replacement with no need for a system shutdown.
  • Armstrong invented the 2-bolt and the 4-bolt connector technologies for quicker, easier steam trap replacement.