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Armstrong International brings you intelligent products, services and technology to maximize efficiency, improve performance and safety, and reduce your carbon footprint.

We’re global leaders in energy management, with experienced engineers in locations throughout the world, ready to satisfy the demands of your industry and solve the region-specific issues you face, day after day.

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Armstrong Steam Harness: An Intelligent System Solution, Engineered for the Animal Feed Industry

Armstrong Steam Harness is a comprehensive, fully integrated system package that combines Armstrong’s dependable, long-lasting products and our state-of-the-art technology to reliably deliver the quality of steam (dryness fraction) and relevant data your plant needs for a higher level of performance and efficiency.

Boost  Production and Yield, Reduce Steam Chokes (Pellet Mill Plugging), and Cut Your Product Rejection Rate

Armstrong Steam Harness is engineered for productivity, efficiency, performance and energy savings—and customized to satisfy the unique requirements of your industry and facilities. Using Armstrong’s holistic system approach, our experts take your entire plant into consideration as they design your Armstrong Steam Harness for ideal placement, ergonomics and operator safety within your facilities.

Our comprehensive, on-site evaluation of your thermal utility system helps us ensure optimal performance of your Armstrong Steam Harness.

Armstrong’s trained specialists conduct a complete thermal utility system assessment to reveal inefficiencies, identify opportunities for improvement, and uncover the cause of current or potential problems. By analyzing these results, we are better equipped to ensure that your steam and condensate system is in excellent working order, which is essential to your production of pelleted or extruded feed.

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Armstrong Steam Harness Is Built to Solve Your Problems and Prevent Them

  • Real-time access to key parameters gives you accurate, up-to-date information
  • Fewer steam chokes and improved steam quality result in increased throughput and less reprocessing
  • Ensure proper condensate drainage and delivery of dry, measurable, quality steam to pellet mill or extruder
  • Allocate thermal cost and performance per formula; in certain cases, correlate with pelleting and extrusion parameters

Armstrong Brings Net Zero Within Reach

For companies with goals for increasing sustainability, reducing reliance on fossil fuels, and lowering environmental emissions, Armstrong is ready to help. We’ll design a tailor-made plan of action that leads you through your transition to net zero and beyond.

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Our advanced steam system efficiency methodology has United Nations and Kyoto Protocol approvals.

Armstrong’s steam system efficiency methodology, which relates to steam traps, has been approved by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and ours is the first efficiency methodology to be approved for international trading of resultant carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions under the Kyoto Protocol.

As Global Leaders in Steam System Management, Armstrong Understands the Complex Issues You Face Every Day

We have a worldwide network of resources, and more than a century of in-depth experience and knowledge, all devoted to improving efficiency, reducing energy use, and lowering costs for your organization. Solving your problems and making things easier for you is the reason we’re here.

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