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Armstrong International offers products, technology, services and online education, all designed to increase staff safety and reduce risks throughout your facilities.

Armstrong’s experts understand the stringent regulations and guidelines for safety and sanitation in the pharmaceutical industry. As your thermal utility partner, we can help solve your problems and prevent them in ways no one else can.

Products for Pharma

Hose Stations That Will Not Pass Live Steam

Armstrong hose stations improve efficiency and reduce risk when mixing steam and water at the point of use for wash-down. Our hose stations will not pass live steam, even in the event of a significant cold water pressure reduction, complete failure of the cold-water supply, or failure of its primary operating component.

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Complete, On-Site Operation and Maintenance of Your Thermal Utilities

Armstrong’s O&M sites have achieved 99.9+% utility reliability, with 0 recordable instances of safety issues in 2021. Our employees adhere to operational and construction safety guidelines and we comply with all applicable environmental regulations.

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Instantaneous Hot Water Generation and Digital Temperature Control for Tighter Process Control of Hot Water and De-Steaming

Armstrong offers state-of-the-art solutions for industrial hot water generation, +/- 1°F temperature control, distribution, and point of use. We also provide de-steaming solutions that generate hot water for washdown with 99.7% efficiency without changing water chemistry.

Hot Water Solutions for Process

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Armstrong can also help you satisfy global water quality standards for clean, safe outgoing water that meets bottle water and food ingredient water standards for direct use without additional filtration.

Discover More Efficient Generation of Hot Water for Process or Washdown

Flo-Direct ® Gas-Fired Water Heaters

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Energy-Efficient, Cost-Effective Equipment for Clean, Reliable, Precisely Controlled Humidification

Armstrong provides leading-edge engineering, manufacturing and application of humidification and conditioned steam products and solutions to help you achieve dependable, economical, trouble-free control of your humidity. We offer: evaporative humidification, conditioned steam, electric steam humidifiers, gas-fired steam Humidiclean™, atomization, and specialized steam dispersion methods.

Humidification Products

Evaporative Pad Adiabatic Humidifier Cooler—EvaPack™ Series

Our unique, evaporative pad humidifier cooler utilizes free cooling while consuming less energy and delivering best-in-class efficiency, with the lowest pressure drop and largest contact surface on the market. EvaPack™ efficiently converts ordinary, liquid, tap water to water vapor using the simple, natural, efficient process of evaporation. Only EvaPack™ offers a no-glue construction that allows it to be compatible with all water types and can extend its lifespan up to 7 years.

  • No glue or hazardous substances
  • No fiber loss
  • Encrusted silver ions prevent bacterial proliferation
  • VDI 6022 certified for use in hygienic installations
  • Fireproof
  • High moisture absorptive capability
  • Minimum pressure drop

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Direct Steam Humidifiers

Armstrong offers Series 1000 steam-separator humidifiers for use in sensitive environments where pure demineralized, deionized or distilled water is used to generate clean steam. Wetted parts of the humidifier package are stainless steel, minimizing the carryover of impurities created by this highly corrosive water.

  • Reduced corrosion threat
  • No condensation through radiation
  • Effective silencing
  • Dry steam discharge
  • Maximum separation
  • Dependable inverted bucket drainage

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Electric Steam Humidifiers

Armstrong Series EHU converts ordinary tap water to steam and distributes it to bring the relative humidity up to the desired level. Our EHU Series humidifiers are ideal for providing humidification where no steam is available or where a steam source is too remote for easy or economical piping. Armstrong offers a variety of electrode, ionic bed and heater type electric steam humidifiers.

Features and benefits of our Series EHU-800 humidifiers include:

  • Digital display with keypad
  • Self diagnostics
  • Adjustable output
  • Cleanable tank
  • Standard communications
  • Onboard controller
  • External connections
  • Smaller footprint

Series EHU-800 – Electrode

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