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ARMSTRONG+COMBITHERM Industrial High-Temperature Heat Pump Packages include rugged, dependable components and state-of-the-art technologies to deliver single- or multiple-circuit versions across the entire performance spectrum.

ARMSTRONG+COMBITHERM systems are available for plants equipped with one screw or piston compressor for small capacity, such as in the commercial sector, as well as up to three screw compressors appointed for large industrial processes. For high temperature differences between heat sink and heat source, multi-stage systems provide an exceptional solution.

  • R1233zdE HCFO working fluid is harmless to the environment (ODP = 0, GWP < 5 , TFA < 2% of potential leaks1) and to people (Class A1, no toxicity and no flammability)
  • Heat sink temperature up to 120°C (248°F) (heat source from 30°C [86°F])
  • Screw compressor running below 17 barg (250 psi), thus ensuring the reliability of the unit
  • Each compressor can run between 80% and 100% of maximum load—VFD available for partial loads down to 50%
  • Capacity from 300 to 1500 kW per unit—including up to 3 compressors circuits
  • Carnot cycle efficiency > 50%
  • Experience in heat pumps at high temperature (> 80°C) since 2005