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Steam-as-a-Service from Armstrong International puts state-of-the-art steam generation at the heart of your enterprise.

Our scalable, flexible solution allows you to generate only the steam you need. With SaaS, you can reduce your load and resources used during seasonal change or market fluctuations, increase or decrease your load with relative ease, and even move your capacity across facilities or geography.

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SaaS Supplies / Retains the Workforce

The U.S. Navy’s decision to close their main training facility for steam engineers and technicians, combined with the approaching retirement of an entire generation of steam experts, has made it increasingly difficult to find a qualified steam workforce. SaaS eliminates the problem by taking care of hiring and retention, leaving you to focus on your core business.

Vastly Reduced Downtime

Cut unplanned downtime to virtually zero with SaaS. The multi-unit, modular system allows for staggered maintenance, so you can stay up and running during inspections and fixes. The five-minutes-to-full-steam design means backup boilers can be operational quickly.

Safer Steam

The SaaS boiler solution utilizes a low water content design which operates with a lower stored energy than traditional fire-tube steam systems. The Miura design essentially eliminates the possibility of catastrophic failure. SaaS is safer for staff, safer for your facility, and safer for your customers and clients.

More Steam, Less Fuel

The modular, small-boiler SaaS solution has the latest in IoT technology, making it one of the most fuel-efficient on the planet. The once-through water-tube design, teamed up with the modular system operation, produces the same amount of steam as large, traditional boiler systems but operates at a higher efficiency—reducing fuel requirements by as much as 20 percent.

Our Data-Driven Solution Leads the Way in Steam IoT Technology

Our IoT is built to monitor and track the data that is proven to matter most. The network of Miura installations is tens of thousands strong, harnessing data from your boilers, as well as from boilers around the world. Thanks to the power of the IoT network, the SaaS system can deliver 3X the data of traditional steam IoT.

Ongoing Optimization

The unprecedented quantity of data delivered by the SaaS system’s IoT technology provides deep insight into performance across a huge variety of conditions, enabling us to continually optimize your system for maximum efficiency over time, according to your particular configuration and steam needs.

Predictive Maintenance and Remote Troubleshooting

Our IoT delivers advance notice, so we can take care of equipment issues before they occur and troubleshoot problems from afar. You can rest assured that our on-the-ground operations, maintenance, and administration experts will be on your site before you’re even aware that they’re needed.

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